• Paul Della Maggiora

End of year: how will you increase sales next year?

Now is the time of year to think about lessons learned and how to increase sales for the next year. Given the weirdness and unpredictability of 2020, it means that 2021 promises to be just as bizarre until the vaccine is readily available.

Things your brewery may be thinking about:

  • How come I got such low response rates to emails and Facebook Groups?

  • Why aren’t people buying more when I give away stuff and offer discounts?

  • Who are the customers who spend the most with us and help us out?

  • Is there a better way to know what my customers want and get them to spend more?

We’re a startup making software that helps breweries answer these questions and see results. We promise not to do a hard sell, and instead will share what we’ve learned from our customer breweries such as New Holland in Grand Rapids, MI and 13 Stripes in Greenville, SC.

We help you make sense of the data and connect more personally with your best customers. And we’ll help you design a winning marketing and promotional strategy for 2021 at no cost when you subscribe to our software.

You’ll be surprised how much easier engagement can be when you have a team of professionals working with you to create effective outreach to your beer lovers. GoBeep gives you the tools to do more and to automate a great experience on an easy to use app for your club members, and every day customers.

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