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To build community, you have to build trust

Many people feel helpless about today's unfettered sharing of their personal information. From cookies to track bots to businesses outright selling your details, it’s hard to feel in control of your personal data.

At the same time, sharing personal information is necessary for many situations: at a doctor’s office, when buying something, even to log in to favorite websites. What happens to your information after that?

We launched GoBeep as a platform for sharing personal data that put security first. Security is built-in from the ground up, including the power for people to own their personal information. Want to share specific details about yourself? Great. Change your mind? No problem--you can revoke what you share just as easily as you shared it--because it’s your personal data. Want to make sure that what you share with someone can only be shared with other people you trust? That’s in your control.

GoBeep designed a personal data platform that puts trust first, and that has gotten the attention of some very exciting partners.

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From marketing to medical

Privacy breaks engagement and analytics

How do you democratize - the sharing of data between individuals, companies, and governments so each has equal control? Individuals feel helpless in today's unfettered sharing of their personal information. Ethical businesses struggle to leverage personal information to better engage their consumers. Responsible government agencies want off-the-shelf software solutions to better serve their constituency. Data privacy legislation rightly sets a standard for fairness, but introduces complexity that break traditional systems while upping the liability for companies and agencies.


GoBeep-powered industry applications

Changing how people share and protect their personal information

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Craft breweries, wineries, distilleries, cideries, coffee, and restaurants

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Healthcare and Wellness

Supporting our active military, veterans and first responders

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Learn about Indulj, powered by GoBeep

Re-inventing how beer, wine and spirits understand, engage, and supply products to their customers

Serving craft beer, wine, spirits, and cideries

Save time, build community, create new revenue streams

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People open micro-breweries because they love the craft and they love the community. The taprooms and beer gardens popping up countrywide are gathering places created by entrepreneurs and artisans, and their customers are locals who gather to socialize and appreciate the craft. Creating community is pretty straightforward: build an appealing space, refine your recipes, and you’re there.

As craft breweries open more locations, offer wider distribution, and diversify their menus, they run into a challenge faced by many small business owners--how to keep that personal, local, community feel while reaching patrons across different locations and through new sales channels.

Online advertising and Facebook groups don’t do the trick--community isn’t built through data harvesting and tracking cookies. Online profiling feels impersonal and intrusive, which is exactly the opposite of what craft breweries want to achieve.

To build a community, you have to build trust first. And that’s what GoBeep does. We built a patent-pending way for people to share the information that they want to share, and a way to ensure that the information is only used and distributed in ways that they are comfortable with. While any industry can--and will--benefit from this trust-first approach, we first saw the growth and opportunities in the craft alcohol industry and started there to prove our technology. 

Our Indulj app is a mobile marketing application that uses the GoBeep trust-first foundation in ways specifically designed for craft alcohol producers' needs. Indulj lets patrons of craft breweries purchase memberships and subscriptions, creating new revenue streams for businesses. Patrons feel safe sharing their information, knowing they can revoke it at any time. They can also opt in to share their individual likes, dislikes, and interests, allowing the craft brewery/winery/cidery an opportunity to serve them better with products and events tailored to them.

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GoBeep helps the military improve personal performance and readiness

A whole health app combining peer support, functional medicine, and community activation geared towards service members, veterans, and first responders.

In Life Aid, service personnel, veterans and first responders can privately and securely share information about their sleep habits, how they’re eating, their general mood, and what their daily routine is like. That information is anonymously analyzed to flag mental health and suicide risks.

When a risk appears, Life Aid shares that risk with trusted members of a veteran’s community so that they can intervene personally or medically. In order for veterans to share this kind of information, they absolutely must be able to trust that it was being used the right way, by the right people, for the right reasons.

GoBeep’s trust-first foundation has Department of Defense-level encryption software, and Life Aid recognized that it can be used to protect shared personal data, ensuring compliance with government regulations but giving service members, veterans, and first responders the confidence that what they share is safe, secure, and used only by the people they trust.

GoBeep Platform as a Service

GoBeep’s ability to provide a secure foundation for the trust-based collection, analysis, and sharing of personal data is unparalleled and unique in the industry--demonstrated and protected by our patents pending. The application we built to help craft breweries reach the next level of sales success through community building is exceeding our sales expectations. 

And through partnerships like Life Aid, we’re helping our active duty service members, veterans, and first responders feel a new level of secure support for their physical and mental health.

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